The Tangible Benefits of Real Estate Closing Gifts

The Tangible Benefits of Real Estate Closing Gifts

  1. Giving a gift at closing is a great way to show gratitude to your clients for choosing you as their realtor.
  2. It’s a nice gesture that can help build relationships with your clients. These relationships could lead to future referrals, or even long-term partnerships.
  3. It’s a unique way to stand out from other realtors and show that you go above and beyond for your clients.
  4. Giving a gift at closing can be a great way to show your appreciation for the time and effort your clients have invested in the process.
  5. It’s a thoughtful way to conclude the process and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

There are a million realtors to choose from. Technology has made it easy for businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly win new customers online. Here are a few more benefits of what a successful closing gift will achieve......

Be Memorable - Whenever they think of buying their home and the feeling it gave them, they should think of you and your gift.

 Be Long Lasting - Give them something that will last. Food items are great and can be should be paired with beautiful bowl, cutting board etc. An Item they would love to use or display.

Be Used Around Others - Ideally, this gift will be used whenever someone comes into the home. That makes it easy to share their story and refer business to you.

Be Relevant - This is common sense, really. You don’t want to give them something they will throw away or put in storage. This is where knowing your client and listening to them becomes valuable.

 Be Remarkable & Unique - We are so busy today that we can’t possible hold all the data that our brains process every day. Make sure your closing gift really sticks in their minds.

Be Enjoyable -  Something the entire family can use, including spouse and children.

Be Well-Timed - Timing is everything, if you want to optimize clients’ mental and emotional ties to you. At closing is the perfect time to personally hand over your gift. It can even help smooth over any friction at the closing table. The next few days as they move into their home can be a very welcome time to receive a gift, too. 



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